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Virtual Reunion on Saturday, October 16!

The 2021 Reunion will be held virtually via Zoom on Saturday, October 21st. As uncertainty over travel continues and social distancing has caused many venues to restrict visitor numbers, officers agreed that the wisest decision was to meet virtually again in 2021. Presentations will feature topics such as Jodie Captein’s update on the Howell DNA Project; Dr. Henry Gates’ discussion of our Book Club selection, Revolutionary Summer by Joseph Ellis; Vice President Gay Giuliani’s photos of past EHFA trips to England; and much more including the EHFA annual meeting and remarks by Cindy Ward Clark regarding her book.

When: October 16, 2021

Where: Via Zoom

Tour locations related to Edward Howell and his prolific impact on Long Island and early Colonial America. The tour will include the Water Mill, originally built in 1644, Conscience Point where the group landed, and the Halsey House located near where Edward’s second house was built. If you are a descendant of Edward’s son, Richard, this has special significance as he married Elizabeth Halsey whose father Thomas Halsey, built the original house on the property. The current house was built circa 1683 by his son Thomas Halsey Jr. who inherited the property and used wood frame timbers from his father’s house to build his own. The Halsey House and Conscience Point are managed by the Southampton History Museum.

See the next Newsletter for more details.

Hope to see you in Southampton next fall!


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Edward Howell was born in 1584 at Westbury Manor in Marsh Gibbon, Buckinghamshire, England. He and his wife, and his eight children emigrated to America in about 1634, settling in Lynn, Massachusetts. Edward, a gentleman, was granted 500 acres in Lynn. In 1640, Edward then 56, led a party of Lynn citizens seeking land and religious freedom to the unsettled territories of Long Island. They founded the town of Southampton, the first English settlement in the future State of New York. Edward served the town as magistrate and built the first water mill there in 1644.

Descendants of Edward Howell (1584-1655)

  • First Edition – by Emma Howell Ross, 1969
  • Second Edition – by Dr. David Faris, 1985
  • Third Edition – by Cindy Ward Clark, Update Expected Soon